Welcome to S.P.U.N. Program Discover Who You Are and the Best You Can Be!
Welcome to S.P.U.N. ProgramDiscover Who You Are and the Best You Can Be!

Services Providing           Unlimited Network

S.P.U.N Program offers services such as

  • financial and housing counseling
  • nonprofit set up & management
  • credit & career counseling
  • legal assistance
  • education financial aid
  • mortgage analysis
  • banking
  • merchant accounts
  • incorporation
  • job placements
  • rentals
  • personal and business loans
  • banktrupcy
  • tax advice 
  • insurance coverage 

AND MORE! You name it we can refer it! 



We would be happy to provide you with more details about our company and what we can do for you. Contact us at  or use our contact form.

Office Hours

Our offices are open during the following hours:


Corporate Office



9 am - 5 pm 


(314) 445-9640.



Lake Ozark Center


Monday         9am-5pm

Tuesday        9am-5pm

Wednesday   9am-5pm

Thursday.      9am-5pm

Friday           9am-5pm

Saturday      10am-4pm


(573) 552-4074



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